We've got lots of friends with cameras at faire, and a bunch of them are gracious enough to put those pictures on the Web!

  • Our good friend David Bedno is an accomplished and prolific photographer. He's got some pictures of us from Valhalla Renaissance Faire, the Great Dickens Christmas Fair and more. Click here to see his albums on Flickr.

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Song Sets

We sing both music that we have written/composed, and traditional folk music - Irish, Scottish, etc...


Many of us have deep, deep roots in Commedia, and we have experience playing a range of stock characters in a variety of situations.


These pictures were taken of us playing a subset of the Roman Pantheon at the Neibaum-Coppola Winery in Napa.

What you will

Rembember, we are a group of people who were talented before we got here, and have all brought our various skills and areas of knowledge into the fray. You'd be surprised what you might find we can do.


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