Bryn Tucker


A northern California renaissance faire regular for over fifteen years, Mason moved from the booths to the stage in 2003, when a chance conversation led to moving props for the Christmas Pantomime show at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, where he found a true calling. Since his initial meeting with the Stark Ravens, his tech duties over the years gradually increased to managing the stage, and adding items like Mermaid Mover, Web Wrangler, and Bess Boy to his resume. In 2009, he assumed directorial responsibilities for Aladdin Meets Cinderella and Visits the Magnificent Monkey King, Or, Harlequin Reborn from Queen Splenda's Triumph over the Big Bad Wolf, and, at the last minute, found himself playing the part of evil stepsister Halitosia during the run. He would go on to reprise that role in 2010 and 2011.

In 2011 and 2012, the Stark Ravens reprised their classic Commedia show, Dr. Arlecchino and the Imaginary Autopsee, with Mason portraying the rotund Il Dottore/The Doctor. Perfomances included Valhalla Renaissance Faire at Lake Tahoe, the San Jose Renaissance Faire, and Folsom Faire at Folsom, California.

His recent work has included playing Geppetto in the new Pinocchio show at the Dickens Christmas Fair, as well as other roles in the children's show, The Bold Tailor. He also works with the Ballet Russe Spectacle Variete, playing the part of Mr. Sleary and P.T. Barnum, with shows at the Dickens Christmas Faire, Time Travel Weekends at Old Sactamento, and the 2014 Fringe Festival in San Francisco.

Outside of the faire circuit, Mason worked with fellow raven Mark Donnelly doing Thanatics: A Rock Opera for the San Francisco Fringe Festival 2006, as well as various smaller shows. He is an active member of the Primitive Screwheads, and provided stage and tech assistance to 2011's ShEvil Dead, a blood-splattered tribute to the Evil Dead series with an all-female cast. He is also a member of the Fool's Card theater troupe, and has performed in Couples, A Comedy in 2014.

He considers himself a Jack-Of-All-Trades (and even master of a few), with primary interests running from photography to music to film to cooking to puppetry to mycology to graphic design to chemistry to sound engineering to sculpture, though he is always on the lookout for new experiences. He plays a variety of instruments, including guitar, electric and upright double bass, accordion, and mandolin. Lately, he has been playing bass with the San Francisco band, Dinnerwiththekids. He is able to consume enormous quantities of sushi, and thinks Halloween is the best day of the year.

June 5, 2014

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