Love's Labour's Lost

The Noble Men Take Their Vows
Our show begins with our Noble Men vowing to study together three long years, eating but one meal per day, and completely forsaking the presence of women.

Oh la la!
These vows are quickly made difficult to follow, due to the arrival of three attractive French ladies, who are accompanied by their loyal man-in-waiting, Mercade.

Senor Armado
Meanwhile, there is a guest from Spain, Armado, who is a bit full of himself...

tippy toes
... Which is just fine with Costard, as life's always better with someone around who's just *asking* for ridicule.

curiosity has been piqued
Now, all of our men, despite their vows, are becoming quite interested in these French ladies.

on your knees, kingy-poo
Though no one wants to admit that they're breaking their vows, and they have to find sneakier ways to display their affections...

borscht and vodka, borscht and vodka, borscht and vodka, HEY!
One of these ways is to dress up as Muskovites! Playful, no?

you just can't show up a princess
The ladies aren't about to be tricked with silly costumes, and trade favors in order to confuse the 'disguised' nobles.

slipper?  I don't even know 'er!  HAHAHAHAH!
Jaquenetta is not ashamed to take part in the fun with Armado.

'tis yours!!
Costard and Jaquenetta lay down some pretty amazing tricks on the poor Spanish traveler.

happy ending???
But, after all the fun, the ending is... Waitaminit! we're not going to tell you the ending! Sheesh.


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