Julie Antti

For over 20 years, Julie has been involved in a myriad of shows throughout Sacramento and the bay area, including community theater productions, children's theater, student films, Shakespeare in the Park, various Renaissance Faires, and the Great Dickens Christmas Fair. She is also a member of the Primitive Screwheads, and has appeared in their productions of Brain-Dead Alive!, Kentucky Jones and the Carpet of Doom, H3D, and starred in ShEvil Dead, an all-female, blood splattered tribute to the Evil Dead movie series. Julie has also performed in a number of local musical bands, including Crumpled Napkin, Bugs in Costumes, and The Honeybelles. Currently she can be seen in the Ballet Russe Spectacle Variete show at Old Sacramento's Time Travel Weekends, the 2014 Fringe Festival in San Francisco, and the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in November and December.

Julie enjoys modeling, dancing, singing, acting, and aspires to be a full time performer.

June 5, 2014

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