Una Commedia dell'Arte di Italia
An Authentic Italian Slapstick Comedy

Slapstick action, pratfalls, farting and singing!

Isabella wants to marry Lelio, but her father Dottore is scheming with Pantalone, Lelio's father, for Pantalone to have Isabella's hand! Arlecchino steps in to help his master, Lelio, by delivering a letter to Dottore's house for Isabella -- and to visit his amore, Columbina. But between cadavers that go missing and Arlecchino pretending to be a doctor - these poor servants can barely take a breath! Not to mention poor Zerbinetta who falls victim to Dr. Arlecchino's remedy - a purgative. Eeeuuuwww! Signora Lavora, Dottore's wife, soon makes things right again and all is happy in the end.

With four original songs and terrific music throughout by our own Raven musicians, this hilarious comedy will have you laughing AND singing!


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