Barbara Pond

Barbara Pond was born under a blue moon. To the amazement of everyone present, she had grace and talent to rival even the world's most supreme performers, despite being only seconds old. By the age of two, Barbara was travelling the globe, generously donating her valuable time, giving lessons to the masters of song, dance, and theatrical arts in general, so that they might improve their technique, and bringing tears to the eyes of all who witnessed her performances. Unfortunately, her powers over the hearts and minds of mankind were such that she was soon banned from many countries, and eventually had to go into hiding lest she risk assasination by secret service agencies. For decades, Barbara lived under an assumed name (which cannot be disclosed here), and sat quietly in a small grass hut deep in the jungles of Madagascar. Finally, she was saved when the Stark Ravens came along and taught her to fake a lesser quality of performance. She has been with us ever since, but still sometimes pines for her fuzzy green monkey friends back in the lush tropics where she once dwelled. The Stark Ravens keep Barbara in a gilded cage whenever she isn't on stage, and we will never let her escape! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

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