We've musically adapted this show and have created fabulous colorful costumes, including the Mad Hatter, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat and more. We even have dancing LOBSTERS!! Don't miss the show that won "Best Costumes" in the SF Fringe Festival, in addition to being the most talked about show at Dicken's Fair 2000.

All of these picture were taken at 2000's Dickens Christmas Fair - some of them by Kalani Patterson, who was so generous as to let us use them on our website.    If you'd like to see some more of Kalani's fair pics (of Dickens Fair or otherwise), click here.

Tisha plays a confused Alice..."I seem to be shutting up like a telescope."

father william
The Caterpillar is none so pleased with Alice's rendition of "You are Old Father William".    Then again, the Caterpillar is none so pleased with much anything.

cheshire cat
Heidi plays the Cheshire Cat..."We're all mad here!"

"Take some more TEA!" blurts Chase Williams as the March Hare, Andy Pettit as the Doormouse. Check out the size of that tea pot!

Mad hatter
Mark Donnelly lends his madness to the part of the Mad Hatter..."Have you ever heard the song 'Twinkle twinkle little bat?"

duchess flamingo
Carol McCollum as the Duchess is respectful of Alice's Flamingo, while at the same time generously dropping morality all over the place.    Ew.

Andy Pettit's White Rabbit gives Alice the scoop on the Queen during the Croquet scene.

Lobster quadrille
It's the Lobster Quadrille!!!    LOBSTERS, LOBSTERS!!!!

Beautful soup
The Mock Turtle regales Alice and the Gryphon with song about what might become of him: Soup.    Beautiful, beautiful Sooooooooooo.... pah!
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